In 2020, Creative Edge, Inc started building streaming TV channels for real estate brokerages. When they decided to explore the college and university niche, a new brand was created: eduflix. With the new brand, a full website was needed to showcase the features, value, use-cases, pricing, testimonials, demos, faqs, and more.

As the only one on the Creative Edge team with website experience, I spent several weeks constructing the site, creating the graphics and TV mockups, writing copy, building forms, and setting up the marketing automation.

Visit the website at

Key Project Insights

  • Made-from-scratch.
  • No prior copy or images assets.
  • Custom integration to showcase a live sample channel.
  • Calendly and MailChimp integrations for easy demo sign up.
  • Responsive competitor analysis table and faq page.
  • Development of the unique selling proposition and on-site product positioning.
  • Creation of several TV mockups to showcase people using the end product.
  • Creation of an eBook lead magnet and automated delivery via MailChimp.
  • Exit-intent popup for driving traffic to the sample channel.

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