Got an Old WordPress Website that Needs Some Work?

I see it all the time: clients have a website they like but it’s either old and outdated, abandoned by the previous developer, it’s been hacked, or it’s built on a limited platform like Wix or Squarespace and you can’t do what you need to.

Don’t worry! If you find yourself in any of these situations, I can help.

Website Recovery

Believe it or not, I’ve had a decent number of clients call me and tell me that their website is either down, or it’s being hosted with someone who will no longer respond to them, and they can’t do anything with their own website.

As crazy as it may sound, it happens all the time.

Sometimes folks hire a freelance developer online via UpWork or Fiverr and they host the site for you, but then disappear over time.

In other cases I’ve seen clients get left hanging high and dry when a small web development company sells out or closes shop. In this particular case, I’ve seen some websites blink out of existence when the aforementioned company shut down their servers. In other cases, the website is still live, but there’s no one to call about it.

What do you when any of this happens to you? Well, you’re in the right place!

If you have a WordPress website that’s been abandoned by it’s previous developer, or if it’s completely gone, don’t worry. In many (not all) cases I have been able to help clients just like you recover their websites.

If you have full admin access to WordPress, but no contact to call, I can use the admin access to download a copy of your site and migrate it to my server. 

If your website is just gone, I may be able to rebuild it using the Wayback Machine Internet Archive.

For simple sites with few pages, this is pretty easy, straightforward, and inexpensive. If it’s a larger site or has e-commerce, it could be more difficult.

Either way, we can certainly give it a try. If the Wayback Machine has a recent copy of your site, we might just be in business. Contact us today if you need help recovering your website.

Website Repair

Another situation I see all the time is WordPress websites that go years without updates and begin to malfunction, display errors, or go down unexpectedly. 

Whether you’ve hosted the site yourself and just forgot to update things, or the company or freelancer you hired let you down, I can help. Here are some common issues I’ve helped countless clients overcome:

  1. Outdated PHP on the server
  2. Outdated Themes or Plugins causing errors or breaking the website
  3. Expired SSL certificates
  4. Incorrect DNS settings
  5. Outdated code and browser compatibility issues

To get started, all I will need is full admin access to your website OR server-level or cPanel access.

From here, I will migrate a copy of your website to my server so that we have a safe place to start working. Then, I’ll update anything that needs updating. Once the repairs are done, we’ll launch the site on one of the B&B Media servers and you’ll be back in business.

With all of our website hosting plans we include:

  • monthly theme, plugins, and WordPress core updates
  • free SSL certificate
  • tech support
  • weekly site-level and server-level backups
  • free server updates.

All of this will leave you feeling certain that your website will never fall into disrepair again.

Sound good? Give us a call today!

Website Conversion

A lot of businesses and organizations start off needing a simple, easy-to-setup website and turn to solutions like Wix or Squarespace. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, I’ve seen a number of clients outgrow the functionality of those platforms.

When this happens, you can find yourself in a bind.

Maybe you love your design, layout, and everything about your website, but you just can’t get it to do everything your growing business needs. 

No worries!

My team and I have re-built dozens of websites using WordPress. Best of all, since we’d be copying the design, content, and functionality of your current website, costs are typically pretty affordable for most businesses. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel—we just need to rebuild what we see.

I often tell clients that it’s like we’re keeping the car you love—we’re just going to swap out the motor and soup it up in the process.

Once we’ve rebuilt your site on WordPress, the skies the limit! With its vast library of plugins, we can build just about anything you want.

If you’ve outgrown your old content management system and you’re looking for a change, request a quote below. We’ll go page by page and determine how much it will cost to rebuild it.

And don’t worry, it likely won’t cost as you might think.

Are you ready to see how B&B Media can help elevate your business goals? Get in touch today.