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At B&B Media, we provide 3-4 themes to choose from with all of our project proposals. Typically, 9 out of 10 of our new clients likes one of the options, but when they don’t we do provide additional options.

However, every once in a while, clients struggle with the idea of themes and don’t know how to choose. Why? One of the most common questions or concerns we encounter with new clients is, “I can’t imagine my brand, images, content, and colors replacing those shown in the theme’s demo.”

It’s an incredibly valid question or concern as not everyone can envision how their content will fill in a theme. That said, we’ve used some pretty unusual theme choices for client websites in the past and you’d never know it. Here are a few examples:

  • A motorcycle club theme for a VFW Hall
  • An electrician theme for a glass company
  • A yacht club theme for a jet ski rental company
  • and more!

Essentially, themes are highly customizable, so when looking at a theme, we recommend focusing on the overall vibe: the fonts, layouts, features, widgets, etc, and not the colors, photos, or how busy the homepage might be.

With themes, we can customize the colors, hide unnecessary sections, expand functionality, rearrange sections, or even move sections from one page to another. 

Below are several sample themes we’ve used, along with the finished website project. With these samples, we hope to showcase how different the final product differed from the original theme. So, as you can see, themes can be made to suite your needs, even if we’re recommending a scuba diving theme for your pool business.

Trust us; you’re going to love the finished product. After all, we do have a 5-star rep to protect.

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